Some Basic User Tips to make life easier:

  • Upload your floor plan squared off with no white space around the perimeter and with the facing direction at the bottom of the screen.
  • Floor plans should be at least 500px wide and 500px high.
  • Imported floor plans self center to find the Tai Ji automatically.
  • If you experience an error importing your floor plan, upload it again as often it will import on the second attempt. If it still does not import then you may need to resize, as it could be too large or too small.
  • The completed Flying Stars or 24 Mountain files will appear automatically in the client folder once you select either ‘Download PDF’ or ‘Download Image’. Please allow a small processing time or refresh the page if it does not initially appear.
  • To delete a file click on the intended file and it will open to view. Then you can click on the top right delete button and the image will go to trash.
  • To manually center odd shaped floor plans click on the floor plan image to drag and reposition it to their correct Tai Ji (center point) and then click again off screen. Please note that you will need to manually find the Tai Ji location before hand. Please note that another way of centering odd shaped floor plans is currently under development.
  • The cloud storage is backed up so your client folders are always secure. No matter what happens to your PC, your client folders are never lost! However we always recommend you keep a local copy of your work on your PC as a back-up.
  • The PC Download function for image only works when the floor plan is still in the calculator.  It will not PC download once it is saved into the client folder to download right click to “Save Image as” to download. A PDF version of the file will PC download directly from the client folder.  

Current changes in progress:

  1. Pie and Grid lines changing from Yellow to redCompleted
  2. Grey color behind the flying star sectors is being removedCompleted
  3. W & E is being change so they are readable across the pageCompleted
  4. Option for JPG output as well as PDFCompleted
  5. Click on floor plan to recenter and click again to fix.Completed
  6. 3 Killings too wide should be W1,W2 & W3 for 2023.
  7. Floorplan import sometimes reported errorCompleted
  8. Flying Star numbers too large for narrow rectangular floor plans Completed
  9. Speed up of Cloud Storage Completed
  10. PC Download function is not working correctly since the Cloud Storage was been implementedCompleted
  11. Improved floorplan import interface Completed
  12. Added JPG option to BaZi chart output. Once saved in the Clients folder click on the JPG and right click to “Save Link” to downloadCompleted
  13. Investigating manual option to highlight usable Gua on 24 mountains per San Yuan Yuan Gua system
  14. Investigating selectable colored Eight Mansions overlay on the Flying Star function
  15. Reset Password function has stopped working due to a software bug and we are working on this issue
  16. Improve the Floorplan squaring off/centering function.
  17. Fix random bug in the Floorplan import function

Please feel free to input any issues or changes to: