Legacy FSML Windows Feng Shui Tool

Created by the late Mark Shackelford in mid 2000 and updated recently for Windows 7, 8, & 10, the Windows FSML Feng Shui Software was extremely popular with Feng Shui professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. You may have read about this fantastic program in the FSML Magazine or seen it on TV in the UK. It is the ULTIMATE Feng Shui program, providing access to an extensive range of Metaphysical information and calculations.

New FSML Online Feng Shui Tool

To support the release of GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and Dr. Jin Peh’s new Luopan and with the advent of Web 2.0 cloud-based computing applications, the decision was made to migrate the Classical Feng Shui elements of the Windows application online.

The focus of the new online tool is to provide a secure, professional platform with individual Client folders to store floor plans and BaZi Charts. The tools features include:

·         Cloud-based Software·         Windows and Mac Compatibility
·         9 Palace Flying Star Arrangement·         8 Pie Flying Star Arrangement
·         24 Mountain Arrangement·         3 Killings Annual Location
·         5 Yellow Annual Location·         Direct/Indirect Spirit
·         Tai Sui Annual Location·         1-degree compass increments
·         Lunar BaZi Calculator with PDF output·         Private Client Folders
·         Calculator output in PDF or JPG·         Download PDF or JPG format to PC

A special introductory annual subscription of SGD$98 is available here. Consultants who subscribe before June 1st, 2025 will continue to renew at the introductory price.   Upgrades to the tool are ongoing and included at no-charge in the yearly fee.